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Council Chambers for the City of London

The Council Chambers for the City of London was originally built in 1974 and with the exception to minor repairs and carpet replacement has been left untouched. In March 2010, L360 ARCHITECTURE was contracted to carry out the redevelopment of the Council Chambers along with the replacement of the windows along the second floor.

The project scope of work specified that the original “councilor’s horseshoe” seating arrangement be removed. The design concept for the new seating arrangement was to connect the councilors with the public gallery so that each councilor would sit facing the public instead of turning their backs to them. The solution was the design of a “winged” arrangement situating the Mayor at the centre of the layout with the councilors flanking the Mayor equally at both sides.

L360 ARCHITECTURE was specifically chosen for this project due to our unique L360 ARCHITECTURE PROCESS and its success in bringing collaboration between all invested parties. All millwork was modeled in BIM form including all communication equipment to establish accurate tolerances required between each item and the millwork construction.


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