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Communication, Collaboration and Coordination are the driving principles of our company. L360 ARCHITECTURE offers a unique methodology developed in 2007 around our expertise and unparalleled implementation of Building Information Modeling technology. Through the experience gained from designing and constructing our projects, we have come to witness the value added when the 'trickle down' or 'linear' organization makes way for the process change that emerging technology in today's construction industry requires.

As a result, L360 ARCHITECTURE, through it's unique L360 ARCHITECTURE PROCESS (L360 AP), has committed to an organizational structure based upon a 'round table' philosophy where the project team structure promotes 360 degrees of interaction offering an environment where all hands share in the shaping and developing of a project.

The benefit of our process is that a project is developed in continuity and connectivity with each participant. Unlike traditional project methodologies, we encourage group participation, collaboration and communication where the overall outcome is a direct result of the unified and focused expertise around the table.

The L360 ARCHITECTURE PROCESS (L360 AP), leverages live 3D virtual modeling as a means of project development and will provide the Client the unprecedented experience to participate in and witness their project(s) being designed in live virtual 3D model form while continuously implementing all requirements into the design process.

The L360AP resolves problems, reduces schedules and assists with cost control. We streamline the process to benefit the client’s bottom line.

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