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Gail E Lamb, OAA, MRAIC passing on the torch

July 20, 2020

Humbled to have been chosen by Gail E Lamb, OAA, MRAIC one of Ontario’s longest standing Long-term Health Care Specialists, to be the one who she is passing on the torch too. Gail has played a major role in being a pioneer for Women in Architecture within the Canadian context prior to opening Gail E Lamb Architects in 1967.

Having first met 80 year old Gail in 2016, when she contacted me to train her in Revit, I was amazed on how eager she was to learn new technology. Our relationship quickly turned into a what seemed to be dual mentoring relationship. I teach Gail Revit, while Gail teaches me all about LTH design.

We have since worked together on LTH projects of varying scopes from renovations to new build, and I can easily say, she is a much better mentor that I am.

I am humbled in the fact that Gail has passed on her collection of LTH design manuals, reference books and digital files for us to carry on her legacy, while Gail slows down, just a bit. For those who have the pleasure of knowing Gail, retirement is no where near in her future plans.

Again, what a great way to start the weekend.