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The Chapleau Recreation Centre Upgrade

October 31, 2018


L360 ARCHITECTURE’s Sr. Project Manager Nils Sillanpaa and President Paul F. Loreto, OAA, MRAIC were privileged to be invited to the Grand Opening of the newly refurbished Chapleau Recreation Centre. The project boasted updates to the Community Hall with a new look and feel to what was a tired and outdated facility. Improvements to the overall facility included the redesign of the antiquated Servery into a modern new Servery capable of preparing meals for 300 people; the refresh of the Hockey Arena Lobby by creating a new and vibrant environment in which the end user can experience watching their favorite sport: new way finding features such as the “Portals” that directs the end user throughout the facility from rink to community hall to curling rink, and lastly, but not least important, the newly refreshed Curling Lounge with new Bar, viewing area and community space. Great Job Nils and the Design Team. It is always rewarding when your dedication and hard work has been recognized by the public and the Client through such invites to a Grand Opening. It means L360 ARCHITECTURE succeeded in meeting the Client’s needs.