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Re-zoning and Site Plan Approvals

Zoning and site plan approvals can often be seen as a bottleneck process. A site plan approval is a required process for most developments including major building renovations or additions. Zoning by-Law Amendments must be submitted for any projects deviating from the permitted uses in a community’s Zoning By-Law.

L360 ARCHITECTURE thoroughly researches the respective regional or community zoning and site plan approval processes and ensures that applications are completed and submitted in a timely manner to the correct agencies. It is L360’s ability to provide all governing bodies with crystal, clear, communication within a collaborative approach that makes our success rate high in moving through the zoning and site plan approval process.

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When you work with L360 ARCHITECTURE, you sit at the same table as our diverse and experienced team from start to finish. We are inclusive at every stage of our process. No surprises, no secrets, no egos. Just great work. Done right, on time and on budget.