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Sustainable Design

Throughout the course of a project, our designers keep sustainability at the forefront of our responsibilities. Whether LEED creditation is required or not, our team employs “green” fundamentals in a cost-effective manner on all our projects.

Cost-effective sustainable options available to designers have grown substantially since the onset of LEED accreditation. L360 implements green principles of design including the use of: low VOC paints, formaldehyde free casework, LED lighting, and products with high recycled content. We capture natural design principles such as designing windows oriented in strategic locations maximizing daylighting and passive heat gain, roofs with low heat signatures.

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When you work with L360 ARCHITECTURE, you sit at the same table as our diverse and experienced team from start to finish. We are inclusive at every stage of our process. No surprises, no secrets, no egos. Just great work. Done right, on time and on budget.